vehicle Monitoring

Our vehicle monitoring solutions will give you regular feedback on the day- to-day operations of your vehicle which includes vehicle tracking and vehicle fuel consumption logs. This online solution provides you an up-to-date fuel mileage log and helps you to improve the efficiency of the motor vehicle as soon as a dip in performance is noticed from the trend. Our Vehicle monitoring solutions includes online mileage tracking, MPG tracking, real time analytics, real time vehicle monitoring, expense tracking, driver performance tracking, driver utilization monitoring, fuel price tracking and much more.

In addition to tracking, we also provide you timely reminders. You will never miss the dates for your dealer awarded free services or the regular maintenance works. This will let you maintain your vehicle in a perfect condition. While the records on vehicle fuel consumption and fuel mileage helps you monitor your vehicle’s mileage, various graphical plots provide an easy understanding of the vehicle performance, e.g. Fuel efficiency (MPG, MPL, KM/L, etc), Fuel consumption, Fuel price, Fuel cost per volume ($/Gallon, £/L, etc), Fuel cost per distance ($/Mile, £/Mile, etc) and others. Fuel consumption calculations are automatically performed and the comprehensive performance analysis will help you save time, provide an accurate picture of the financial details, help you focus on ways of improving the performance.

Our vehicle mileage bookkeeping is available online and it makes the tedious job of record entries and report generation a breeze! Try it now and see it for yourself!