Private subscription

Automobiles produced now have so much of advanced technology and we don’t use the information they provide to our advantage. You can easily save money by using our vehicle monitoring solution. We are developing further enhancements to make use of the data available from most of the modern cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles. When our solution is fully developed, you will be able to seamlessly integrate the real-time vehicle data to monitor the performance. Until then, it is easy to use our current solutions such as car mileage tracker. Fuel usage and other important parameters can be easily monitored for improving fuel efficiency and improving car performance. You don’t have to upgrade or pay more for getting the advanced solutions as your annual subscription for more than one motor already includes them. Of course, it is completely free for the first vehicle you register with us.

It is easy to monitor your vehicle performance by keeping all expenses at one place. The book keeping combined with our advanced analytics solution provides you with useful information about changes in vehicle performance. For example, when you sign up, you will be able to see a Demo car’s performance in real driving conditions over many years. The real MPG varies depending on driving conditions, vehicle maintenance and driving behavior. You can easily monitor the changes and take corrective actions. You can reliably compare your automobile performance with fuel efficiency rating for cars published by the manufacturer by tracking gas mileage.

Car expenses keep varying when it gets older and performing a car fuel mileage comparison done between all your cars can be revealing real MPG that you are achieving and the true car servicing costs. It can help you to have a re-think with a high quality reliable data generated by you and not the one provided by salesmen. Further, all your car maintenance records online provides you with flexibility to use it when required. When you are advised by a mechanic wrongly, you can show the proof without having to search your filing system. Time and money saved when you need the information at critical times has enormous value. The car mileage log record can be handy when you plan to sell your car and it will certainly benefit you with a higher value.