Fleet subscription

Fuel efficiency had gained importance for small business owners and any business in general due to escalating fuel and maintenance costs. Truck mileage log book often shows that fuel constitutes the majority of the expenses. You can increase your real MPG through our truck fuel consumption monitoring and by taking few simple steps. Our automotive fleet management service can help you achieve this with very little effort using the latest technology. Advanced solutions are being developed and you won’t be charged for new features and updating you with the latest technology is at our cost!

Fleet Management offers a full suite of services for fleets consisting of passenger vehicles right through to heavy commercial vehicles like trucks. It involves tracking of motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. Our fleet management tracking system enables you to analyse the performance of each vehicle and the driver. All information is available online and timely reminders help the fleet perform at its best by reducing the workload for fleet managers. It helps in achieving the lowest maintenance costs, improve productivity/efficiency and achieve the best fleet performance through our solution.

Our automotive motor fleet management service enables you to easily maintain records and can help you to identify the areas of concern or quickly decide which of the low performance vehicles are suitable for replacement. Fleet management records are available to anyone in the office or the driver around the clock. The fleet performance analysis combined with the maintenance logs for vehicles and vehicle service checklist can provide you useful information about the likely upcoming costs. More realistic budget can be prepared using the power of data you have in hand and the online expense tracker we provide.