Business subscription

Managing the fuel consumption has become the priority for businesses due to the increase in fuel prices. Fuel cost is the highest for most vehicles and improving vehicle efficiency helps you in saving money and helps you get tax benefits through the online business mileage log. When it comes to managing business expenses, it is difficult to keep track of the mileage of your cars and various expenses using conventional book keeping methods. We sort them out for your easy access and usage available round the clock whenever and wherever you need it.

The records for fuel efficiency would involve car fuel mileage comparison, checking the tyre pressure at regular intervals, calculating the distance travelled, frequency of trips, etc. Our Business Mileage tracker tracks automatically any parking, tolls, other expenses and records fuel costs. All receipts can be maintained electronically and reports can be generated easily. Business Mileage tracker also calculates fuel economy, manage multiple vehicles and multiple drivers.

Our business mileage log allows you to minimize the risks associated with maintenance costs, productivity and overall transportation costs through economies of scale thereby providing greater performance and efficiency. Business expense report can be generated for reporting purposes. Mileage allowance for business use available in the UK and USA can be used for saving tax. For example, small business tax saving and self employed tax saving can be achieved by using our solution.