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Are you providing products and services in the automobile industry and want to connect with your local customers? Do you want to promote your business by offering discounts and local deals to benefit those who live near you? Do you promote your business with flyers? Will you be able to take advantage of offering a direct deal to your local customer electronically using the latest technology? If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, we can help you and please read on…..!

Motor Record provides the direct connection to your local customer through the mobile apps developed for iPhone and Android platforms. The aim of our application is to provide timely help to our customers at the lowest possible cost for any product and service related to their automobiles whether it is a car, van, motorbike, etc for personal use or a fleet of vehicles for business use. We can show your local offers (Coupons) and Advertisements (Adverts) directly to the customer’s mile phone via our mobile app. We will make it personalised to the customer by showing the nearest offers first and try to keep it specific to the customer’s needs. For example, we don’t want to offer a customer with a coupon for Oil Change who just got it done last week whereas they may need a tyre. We want to help our customers with the best offers they can get and save their time. If you think we can work together to benefit our customers, Motor Record is pleased to welcome you as our Partners.

By working together, we can benefit our customer by offering what they may want to see when they are likely to need. However, we take the privacy of the customer seriously. We will not be able to pass the details of our customers (personal or the vehicles they own). We can only tailor the needs of our customers and we will filter your offers to suit the needs of the customer. We will provide your details and the customer will contact you directly if they are interested. We will do our utmost to protect both you and our customers and will safe guard mutual interests just like any responsible, ethical business. We hope we can transform the automobile service industry for the benefiting the customers using modern technology that saves time and cost for the consumer as well as supplier.