Join MR Club and get these Standard Features!

  • Easy to log-in using social network accounts (Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Twitter)
  • Create your own account using e-mail address and password
  • Five free motors (Car, Van, Motorbike, Truck, etc) with the complete features
  • A fully functioning Demo account for exploring the site. Replace this with your own details and it is free to carry on using the site!
  • Credit card is not required for signing up and exploring the complete set of features.
  • Add as many vehicles as you need. You can add time based ones such as boats, generators, etc too along with automobiles.
  • A simple user-friendly dashboard showing all key information at one place.
  • All details such as registration document, service records, insurance certificates, purchase documents, lease documents, garage or mechanic information, etc can be stored for each motor separately.
  • Enter all types of expenses – fuel, service, tax, insurance, etc including a copy of receipts
  • Forecast the likely date for the next fuel fill-up based on average consumption.
  • Easily compare the performance of all motors using charts, graphs and reports.
  • Set reminders for service in advance following manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Also, regular reminders such as annual tax, insurance, vehicle tests (MOT), etc can be set for automatic reminder nearer the date it is due.
  • Easy customization of expense types and various other settings (miles, km, gallons, liter, etc)
  • Any type of motor (Gas/Petrol, Diesel, Electric, LPG/LNG, dual-fuel, etc) is supported and it is easy to enter the data with the least effort.
  • Interact and communicate with your friends and community directly with each other or post public questions/comments.
  • Share your knowledge, give advice, and comment with your views.


Private subscription

In addition to the one free motor, you can easily add more motors for a small fee to keep track of all your car expenses at one place. The subscription revenue allows us to develop our advanced solutions even further. We have exciting plans ahead and you don’t have to pay any more money for keeping up-to-date where technology keeps changing all the time. By having all the details at one place, you can save time and money. Tracking MPG can help you decide about replacement to avoid costly repairs. You can maintain all the records from the date of purchase through the date you sell your motor. Our vehicle monitoring solution takes care of all aspects of owning and operating vehicles at their best efficiency with the lowest operating cost. Improving car performance is made possible by reducing gas consumption through the use of online mileage log book maintained by us.
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Business subscription

Fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses is a big portion of any business that depends on transport of goods and people. You may have multiple drivers for one vehicle and equipment such as generators. Whether you are a small business owner, self-employed or running a mini-fleet, you can keep on top of all vehicle-related issues with our help that costs so little. There is no up-front fees to pay and there is no long term commitment. You can record all business-related trips with expense details for each vehicle on a daily basis for multiple drivers. You can generate tax reports at the end of year without having to organize receipts and prepare statements. The time and money saved is huge compared with manual book keeping. Also, you can maintain your vehicles in top order through regular maintenance. Automatic reminders help you in scheduling periodic service and preventive maintenance.
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Fuel price monitoring can help you in cost savings by comparing with the true vehicle performance achieved by choosing alternative fuel suppliers. See some tips for easy ways of saving money for your business.
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Taxi subscription

The standard features available for private subscription is available for taxi subscription as well. Whether you operate cars, MPVs, multi-seater vans, mini-buses or any other vehicle, you can easily manage all the information at one place. In addition, you can also manage income for each vehicle. Please discuss with us if you have any other specific needs for achieving taxi cost saving and we will help you.

Fleet subscription

We can provide customized Fleet management tracker solution that suits your needs. Multiple drivers can be associated with a vehicle and all of them can see how the vehicle is performing. Our solution allows the drivers to communicate with each other and keep track of all discussions related to the vehicles at one place. Fleet performance can be remotely monitored by administrative staff at the office and efficiently plan regular maintenance. Fuel planning can also be done based on periodically updated data. We are developing many more functionalities and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
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