For most of us, one of the most expensive purchases is our motor vehicle – whether it is a car for commuting or a truck for delivering goods. Keeping them on the road at the lowest cost by improving fuel efficiency can save you money and reduce the carbon emission. So, how can we do it using modern technology and with the least effort?

Imagine you accurately know all the costs and can provide a copy of any document related to your motor a few clicks away. How will this be useful to save you money and make your life easier? Have a look at some of the benefits below:

  • One Stop Solution

    All the information you need for your motor maintenance at one place available anytime anywhere in the internet.

  • Latest Technology

    No need to buy or update software, cool features added at no extra cost

  • Security

    We use the latest technology to protect the security of your information.

  • Privacy

    We will never sell your information to third party.

  • It's your money

    Avoid expensive and unexpected repairs through regular and scheduled maintenance.

  • Know your expenses

    Both "visible" expenses such as fuel and "invisible" expenses such as tax and insurance that affect the cost of running a motor.

  • Compare Costs

    Know which motor is more efficient to run and keep. Track their mileage through our mileage tracker.

  • Avoid paying too much

    Don't service your motor unnecessarily. Follow the recommendation from manufacturer and question poor advice if you get one.

  • Warranty Repairs

    Follow manufacturer’s maintenance plan and prove it with dates and receipts to get repairs done for free.

Whether you own a car, motorbike, van, truck or any other motor for private use, you can use our online expense tracker for improving fuel efficiency. For Businesses, we provide business mileage log which will enable them to track their vehicles for fuel efficiency and other operational management services. Our fleet management services provide you with a full suite of services for fleets consisting of passenger vehicles right through to heavy commercial vehicles like trucks. The CO2 emission reduction that can be achieved by us through the online fuel economy tracking solution is likely to improve further with advances in technology resulting in affordable prices.