About Motor Record

Connectivity to your data wherever you are, whenever you need!

Can you tell how much did you pay for the fuel last time you filled-up? Do you know how your vehicle had performed since you bought them? Is it time to change to a new vehicle and save avoidable maintenance costs? You can make decisions using our simple solution based on modern technology to know your car, van, truck or any motor better than now. Knowing how well your vehicle is performing in terms of its fuel efficiency can save you money as well as inform you about its health. When you notice any deviation from normal trend, even simple fixes such as checking tire pressure can help you save significant money and improve safety. We know the pain of keeping on top of this involves some form of record-keeping – either log books or spreadsheets. We all know it is not easy and now is the time to know about our handy solution – Motor Record!

As the fuel prices keep sky rocketing, it is essential for every vehicle owner to reduce their fuel consumption and have a car mileage tracker in place to reduce costs. Car mileage tracker is a simple way to plan your budget, know when you will need to fill-up and don’t have to worry about empty tank of fuel. Motor record provides a variety of solutions and services to individuals, Businesses and fleets which would help them in maintaining records about their vehicle to save time, energy and money. With the MPG monitoring system we provide, you can track your fuel consumption, service due and maintain service logs without much effort. Many useful calculations and charts such as fuel cost per mile or km are provided.

So easy and intuitive!

The whole process of painful record-keeping is simplified and you will find this out right from Signing-in. You are few clicks away if you use your social network accounts or you can create an account with us using your e-mail address too. The way you will interact with the site is designed by keeping you in mind.

All at one place!

All those important automobile maintenance records over the years are available online – registration, tax, inspection, fuel bills, repairs, etc can all be kept in electronic form. They are few clicks away and next time your garage wants to see an invoice you received years ago, you have it few clicks away!

Know your motors!

Do you know which car you own is the best in terms of fuel efficiency? You can plot the performance of many motors accurately and compare them easily using Motor Record. No need of complex spreadsheets and no need to learn mathematics again to generate those amazing charts! Business budgeting with accuracy is made so easy!

Preventive maintenance for a long life!

Keeping your motor at top order serves its purpose and can save money over its life. Timely reminders can be set based on the manufacturer’s recommendation by you easily. You don’t need someone else to tell you when you have a service due – you can set it yourself years or ‘000s of miles away and you will get automatic e-mails to remind nearer the time!

    Our Vision

  • To provide a comprehensive solution for record-keeping, monitoring, analysing and generating reports for any type of motor.
  • To make the process user-friendly.
  • To keep data safe and provide it anywhere one needs.
  • To help increase the motor’s efficiency through maintenance.

    Our Values

  • Accurate record keeping
  • Best possible data security
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Respect privacy
  • Apply the latest technology
  • Save time and make life easier!